About Me :
Facetious, dominating, aggressive, sometimes arrogant but pious towards my goal.
Best Feature :
Face and my Humour
First Impression :
Attractive and crazy
Height :
174 cms.
Complexion :
Eye Color :
Hair Color :
Body Type :
Too slim
Turn Ons :
Gadgets, Gaming, any technology matters, a tom-boy girl, etc
Turn Offs :
Pesky calls or SMS, fawns, mendacious people, etc.
Books :
All technicals and related stuff.
Movies :
Revolutionary Road, Blood Diamond, Home Alone, Rambo 2, Dark Knight, Titanic, Mummy 2
Music :
Jazz, Rock, Pop [Hindi & English]
TV Shows :

Sports :
LAN Gaming [e-Sports], Tennis
Cuisines :

Passions :

Travel Destinations :

Things I do for fun :

Five things I can't live without :
My PC, web-site, Samsung X210, Pen-Drive and my diary
Idea of first date :
Planned about it two times before but failed to reach climax. Now I'm ready for anything.
Ideal Match :
A tom-boy girl who is always excited about Technology or say any mundane/new matters and can turn my life with her philosophy and charm

My Interests